Message from the Principal-Edward Lucero

Greetings Parlier High School Panthers, Panther Parents, and Community Members!

Football and great food may get the most attention in the month of November.  However, we need to remember what this time of year is truly about – it is about giving thanks for all that we have.  Often times, for a variety of reasons, there are meaningful people, places, and things in life that we tend to take for granted.
I want to take a moment to remind us all of a few things that we should all be thankful for this year:
Family and Friends
Family is so very important and something that no one should take for granted. They’re a support system and they care for you when you’re in need. Take the time to thank them for all the love and support you receive year after year. If your family situation isn’t as great as you’d like it to be currently, be sure to thank those friends who act as if they were your very own blood.
Whatever your health status may be, find something to be grateful for.  If you are in good health and in great shape, don’t take it for granted.  Life is a beautiful thing.  Treat your body as it if it were a machine – nourish it, protect it, and look after it.  As you, there are people in this world, in our country, in our city, and in our neighborhoods who don’t have the resources to keep themselves in good health.  Let’s be thankful for our health.
Food and Water
It’s a blessing to open up your fridge, or even have a fridge, and find it filled with fruits, vegetables, meats, etc.  Just like clean water, there is an abundance of people in this world who fight hunger each and every day.  We don’t have to travel very far, read a book, or watch a movie to know that starvation and poverty are real.  Many of our own families came to America to escape poverty.  Let’s be thankful for what we have.
In many parts of the world, people have to pay to be able to go to school.  Only the wealthy have the luxury of being able to get an education and live a better life.  The rest of the population works at menial jobs, makes low wages, and has a lower life expectancy.  Let’s be thankful that our great grandparents, grandparents, and/or parents decided to be courageous and leave their homeland to provide a better way of life for us.
The definition of freedom is “The power or right to act, speak or think as one wants without hindrance or restraint.” Shockingly, not everyone in this world has this power or right. Growing up in this great land of opportunity, the idea that we all are free citizens may never even cross you mind – until it’s taken away from you.  Thank a veteran and/or active servicemen, because as it’s often said, “Freedom isn’t free”.


Once again, Panthers, I want to encourage you to be thankful this holiday season, to take in all of the wonderful experiences that high school life has to offer.  Join a club, play a sport, get involved in the P.A.W. After School Program, excel in your school work, be there for your friends, make your parents and family proud, and enjoy life.
And remember…Once a Panther, Always a Panther!


Edward M. Lucero, Principal
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Daily Announcements

Panther Family,

Please enjoy our newly installed PHS “Once a Panther, Always a Panther!” marquee.

Thank you!


Edward M. Lucero, Principal

Parlier High School

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Parlier High School will be holding the following:
  • Friday, April 25th – Parlier High School Student Body and Staff Grand Opening during 2nd Period.

  • Saturday, April 26th – Community Grand Opening at 12 o’clock noon.

  • The first 300 attendees to Saturday’s Community Grand Opening will receive this commemorative “Once a Panther, Always a Panther” t-shirt with our new/throwback gym floor logo. 

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Thursday, April 24
3:30 PM FFA Meeting
4:00 PM Softball @ Riverdale
Friday, April 25
8:00 AM NJROTC Golden Bear National Drill Competition
2:00 PM Track @ Sierra Pacific -Hanford
4:00 PM Baseball @ Riverdale
Saturday, April 26
8:00 AM NJROTC Golden Bear National Drill Competition
7:00 AM - 4:30 PM NJ Dodgeball @ Sanger
Tuesday, April 29
4:00 PM Baseball vs. Caruthers
4:00 PM Softball vs. Caruthers
Wednesday, April 30
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4:00 PM Track @ Fowler

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